Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Just Shall Live by Faith

It seems like everywhere you go there is trouble. Trouble with family, the economy, the weather, on and on and on. We cannot turn on the television without seeing floods and financial reports and arguments about politics and pure anger. I am here to tell you what to do when all these things seem to overwhelm.............
Easier said than done, huh?
"But the just shall live by his faith." Habakkuk 2:4.
shall live is the Hebrew chayah, which means to live, to stay alive, be preserved, to flourish, to enjoy life, be animated, recover health, live continuously. The main idea of this word is to live and breathe.
I have learned that when I feel overwhelmed I always go back to the beginning. The place where my faith was fresh, new and strong. The place where I humbled myself as a child and was totally and completely in awe of God's mercy, love and power. A place where I was completely and totally depending on Him and was not so bogged down by the cares of this life that I let the cares of this life enter in and choke the Word made flesh in me.
We are in a time that is like no other, yet it is like all other. Does that make sense? We have problems and terrors all about, but all throughout the Bible and throughout history, there have been wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes,, floods, etc...

The just shall be alive and animated by their faith, trust and reliance on God. The just shall flourish by their faith. The just shall be preserved by their faith. The just shall enjoy life and live in happiness by their faith. The just shall recover health by their faith.The just shall live continuously, eternally by their faith.

In Mark 11:22 Jesus said simply "Have faith in God." This was in response to the fig tree drying up that He had spoken to. He went on to tell them that they could speak to the mountain, a passage we all are very familiar with.
That word faith is in the Greek PISTIS . conviction, confidence, trust, reliance, trustworthiness. Do we think God is trustworthy? If we really did, we would have confidence, conviction, trust and reliance on every word that proceedeth out of His mouth.

There is soooooo much in the Word on faith. I invite you to join me as I begin again at the beginning of awakening to righteousness and seek out scripture on faith and walk in them. Declare with me. If you declare a thing it shall be established! (Job 22:28) I declare and decree this moment that I shall walk by faith and not by sight! I shall be alive and animated by my faith. I shall flourish by my faith in the One who gave me HIS faith. The Christ who made His abode within me and I shall let Him arise and shine and His glory be risen up and on me.
I will be an epistle read by all men and when they see the boldness of Him in me they will marvel and know that I have been with Him. That He resides within His people. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. And He walks upon this earth now, within His people. We do not have to wait. He is NOW.

Well, I am fired up! See what the Word does? It heals, delivers and sets free!

Great Grace is upon us all.

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